Sunday, October 10, 2010

okay, honestly, guys.

Sorry, I'm a nitpicky librarian! What can I say?

I am truly enjoying Connecting Young Adults and Libraries (Gorman & Suellentrop, 2009); it's one of the better and more engaging textbooks that I've ever read. I actually love most of the advice that's being given, and I'll let slip "prublish" and spelling the band's name "Stained" instead of "Staind." But I'm just getting frustrated, now! Because before, I wasn't noticing any problems. But you listed the 2003 winner of the Michael L. Printz award as Aiden Chambers' Postcards from the Edge. Only Aiden Chambers never wrote a book by that title, and there's nobody actually named Aiden Chambers; it's Aidan. And he DID write a book called Postcards from No Man's Land. Postcards from the Edge was written by Carrie Fisher (yes, that Carrie Fisher) in 1987.

Now, I'm sure it was just a case of some low-level administrative assistant being asked to retype the list for inclusion in the book or something. But, honestly, there are lists all over the place of the Printz award winners that you could've just copied & pasted. It bothers me - it makes me feel like I'm not important, as the audience for a book - when nobody bothers to edit. I hate to be so upset, but I feel like someone's not doing their job. Grr.

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  1. ...And they did it AGAIN! They misspelled the title AND the author of a book: "Hole" by "Louis Sacher," where it ought to be "Holes" by Louis Sachar. GRRRR!