Friday, September 21, 2012

LC Authority

The other day, my boss asked me and my coworker to stitch items for the silent auction she is helping organize for the expansion of her town library.  I am largely a knitter, and my friend is largely a crocheter, so she asked us to do pieces in our respective mediums.  Immediately, I jumped onto the stitchers' bible site, Ravelry, to see what a pattern search for "library" would yield me.  I was in luck: one of the first results was a gorgeous hat pattern based on the fountain outside the Library of Congress!  The hat knit up super quickly, and turned out quite nicely, if I do say so myself:

Library of Congress Hat
in Caron Simply Soft Heather

The pattern comes from the book Capitol Knits by Tanis Gray (I love her name almost as much as I love my own!).  A copy can be acquired here (or of course located here!); the rest of the book looks just as good, although of course I'm partial to the LC pattern.

I plan to include an informational card detailing how the hat is based on the library fountain, and of course including the fiber content, and one of my awesome Sweet Potato Knits business cards (designed by my sister Bethany).  I hope it helps the library!  Even just a little bit.